_ Strikeforce: Robbie Lawler vs. Melvin Manhoef

           ^^ --- What a Babe !! haha

What's better than listening to Hip Hop? Listening to Hip Hop while watching 2 guys beat the shit out of each other in the cage! My plans are to bring more than just music to this blog. I would appreciate feedback on the new movement of the blog.. Mixing Hip Hop with some MMA, haha. I'll post more fights soon. Let me know if you's wanna see more.

Robbie Lawler (18-5 MMA) vs. Melvin Manhoef (24-6-1 MMA)

Coming into this fight, i had my bets on Manhoef, with him being the one with a strong highlight reel of crazy knockouts. Don't get me wrong, Lawler is a good fighter too, but, Lawler is a Boxer / Wrestler, and Manhoef is a a super talented Muay Thai fighter, and you ever ask me what's a tougher fighting style, i'll ALWAYS say Muay Thai. And shit, Manhoef's leg kicks in this fight were CRAZY! Every time they'd connect Lawlor's leg would fly up above his head. Then he lands a massive right overhand on Manhoef.. As much as i think it was a lucky punch, Manhoef was the stupid one for leaving his hands down and his chin up. But hey, i'm not the one in the cage, so i won't judge, haha. Top fight though!


Unix said...

aha "what a babe"

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lol ;)

Luke Mochrie said...

This ain't UFC ;) haha, UFC is an organization / company, the sport is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) And this fight company is Strikeforce ;) haha

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