TheLukieBoi1 Presents: Just A Compilation Vol. 6 - Australian & New Zealand Hip Hop ( 2011 )

A Preview for the compilation -

Okay, so this'll be my 6th compilation now, and this is probably the one i'm most proud of. Each of my compilations is Jammed full of 60 tracks, each under the theme of the compilation. I suppose the compilations are just another way of discovering a whole heap of new artists in one go. I would love some feedback on my comps*

So, feel free to download the compilation here -

Here are some of the artists featured on this compilation:
Illy, Horrorshow, Home Brew, David Dallas, Scribe, Dialect & Prolific, Dialectrix, 13th Son, M-Phazes, The Optimen, Thundamentals, Hilltop Hoods, Bliss N Eso, Skryptcha, Lazy Grey, Pez, Pegz, Ozi Batla, The Herd, Urthboy, Spit Syndicate & Muph And Plutonic.


Want to download my previous compilations ?

 Just A Compilation Vol. 1 - A Simple Mix ( 2011 ) - D / L here
- Vol. 1 Was just a random mix, and a compilation i didn't think through that well. Considering i wasn't sure if i was going to make other volumes.

Some of the artists include -  Bop Alloy, Jean P, K. Sparks, Munk Wit Da Funk, L Da Headtoucha, Mellow Dramatic, Brainsick Enterprize & Loads more.

Just A Compilation Vol. 2 - The Jazzy Tracks ( 2011 ) - D / L here
- This compilation is solely Jazz influenced / Samples tracks.

Some of the artists include - ArtOfficial, M.A.E, Mark-J, Move.Meant, Double Helix, Shin-Ski, Seven Star, Esoin The Esoteric Being, Fundamentalz & Loads more.

Just A Compilation Vol. 3 - The Instrumentals ( 2011 ) - D / L here
- This compilation is a mixture of different instrumentals, from various styles. 

Some of the artists include - BLEE, DJ Cam Quartet, Haz, Ta-Ku, Michita, Pete Rock, TLO, Visioneers, Kondor, Apollo Brown, Drum Brothers & Loads More

Just A Compilation Vol. 4. - Dark, Hardcore & Horrorcore ( 2011 ) - D / L here
- This compilation is a mix of Dark, Hardcore & Horrorcore Hip Hop

Some of the artists include - Psych Ward, Al'Tarba, Bloodline, ill Bill, Snowgoons, Army Of The Pharaohs, Wyze Mindz, Moongod Allah, Atma, Si-Klon & Loads More

Just A Compilation Vol. 5 - 90's Vinyl Indie's ( 2011 ) - D / L here 
- Nothing but raw 90's underground Jams.

Some of the artists include - Lord Aaqil, L.M.S, The Shark, Rawcotiks, Blacc Heart, Dal J'Ones, Da Nu Flava, Rubbabandz, 215 Asasinz, Uptown Kidz & Loads more  

Various Artists - " Hope For Tomorrow " ( 2011 )

For those of you that did contribute some money towards this project, to assist Japan in a time of crisis, good on ya. But if you're like me, and couldn't, or didn't know, you can download it for free now. The album is 38 tracks of pure bliss. Alot of the tracks were made by the artists specifically for this album, so don't think it's just a random compilation they put together. But, check it out, and give Bob42jh some feedback on it. Because he was the man behind this project :)

Although the album is now Free we highly appreciate if you could donate as much as you possibly can to Global Giving and their Japanese efforts:  

“Hope For Tomorrow” is our humble idea to make a difference. We are reaching out to YOU to support our efforts in providing help for those struggling in the aftermath. Our friends at Kevin Nottingham have come on board to assist in the release of a charity album. We are grateful to be in a position to use the talents of some of the undergrounds most respected hip-hop artists. It is our hope that this project will continue to garner attention for the people of Japan and raise some much needed funds. - Bob42jh

- Bandcamp
- Alt D/L Link

_ Strikeforce: Robbie Lawler vs. Melvin Manhoef

           ^^ --- What a Babe !! haha

What's better than listening to Hip Hop? Listening to Hip Hop while watching 2 guys beat the shit out of each other in the cage! My plans are to bring more than just music to this blog. I would appreciate feedback on the new movement of the blog.. Mixing Hip Hop with some MMA, haha. I'll post more fights soon. Let me know if you's wanna see more.

Robbie Lawler (18-5 MMA) vs. Melvin Manhoef (24-6-1 MMA)

Coming into this fight, i had my bets on Manhoef, with him being the one with a strong highlight reel of crazy knockouts. Don't get me wrong, Lawler is a good fighter too, but, Lawler is a Boxer / Wrestler, and Manhoef is a a super talented Muay Thai fighter, and you ever ask me what's a tougher fighting style, i'll ALWAYS say Muay Thai. And shit, Manhoef's leg kicks in this fight were CRAZY! Every time they'd connect Lawlor's leg would fly up above his head. Then he lands a massive right overhand on Manhoef.. As much as i think it was a lucky punch, Manhoef was the stupid one for leaving his hands down and his chin up. But hey, i'm not the one in the cage, so i won't judge, haha. Top fight though!

Versis - " iLLCADESCENT " ( 2010 )

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Available in Digital Download & CD Hard Copy !

Tracklisting ; 

01. Thesis
03. The Journey (4U)
04. Life Story (Story of My life)
05. Dig This!
06. Spittin' in the Wind

07. Love is Love
08. Slow Down
09. Rain Rain Rain

10. In Your Dreams
11. The Need
12. Life After You

13. Travelin'
14. Gotta Love It

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Elfer & The 49ers - " Hip Hop's Taking Over My Mind " ( 2011 )

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- The 49ers Facebook
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Spanish producer Elfer and The 49ers have teamed up to release a free online maxi-single, and a new vinyl. The two songs included on the single are Hip-Hop’s Taking Over My Mind & What Ya Life Like?. The single is expected to be released in June 2010. “It’s always good to bring the Sound to a new market..” said Jas Mace. “Its cool that Spain, is going to get a chance to rock that 49ers, with my boy Ko The Knockout” said Marchitect.

Elfer & The 49ers - What's Ya Life Like. Mp3

Tracklisting ; 

01. Hip Hop's Taking Over My Mind
02. Hip Hop's Taking Over My Mind (instrumental)
03. What's Ya Life Like 
04. What's Ya Life Like (instrumental)

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Various Artists - " Bluebottle Records Presents A New Dawn " ( 2011 )

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- Bandcamp
- Navid B's Facebook
- SoulChef's Facebook

I was talking to Navid B last night, and he sent me this.. It's a collaborative production project between SoulChef, and himself.. Showcasing the artist line up, and what to expect in the future from Blue Bottle Records :) And no doubt, am i excited ! They've got artists like Jas Mace & Marchitect (The 49ers), Ine, Nieve, Noah King, Hy-Definiton, and many more.. The 'EP' is a solid mix of RnB, Soul & Hip Hop.. And when i say RnB, i don't mean "Girl I Wanna Get In Your Panties" RnB, i mean, RnB the way it should be. All of the tracks on this EP were produced by Navid B (Australia) & SoulChef (New Zealand). I'd definitely recommend this for people that are a fan of Goon Trax records.. Listen to the EP down bellow! And if you like it, Make sure you tell Navid B & SoulChef ! Sooooo many artists can feel under appreciated in this bubble we call the "Underground". 

Tracklisting ;

01. Ine & Jas Mace - H20 V.2
02. Nassim & Jas Mace - Sunshine
03. Gusto - City Of Angels
04. Ine & Don Cerino - The Psycle
05. Navid B - East To West
06. Ine - Pictures On The Wall
07. Marie, Nieve & Noah King - Hope
08. SoulChef - FOr You
09. Nassim & Marchitect - Superhero
10. Ine - Summers Day
11. Hy-Definition - Breathless

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Trace Blam & SoulChef - " Where I'm From " (2011)

From their collective effort "Bottles", Trace Blam (MC) and SoulChef (Producer) Present "Where I'm From".....The First single from their soon to be released project.. And SoulChef's from Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand ! That's where Home Brew Crew is from too ;) haha.. No doubt SoulChef has given NZ's Hip Hop scene a great reputation !

SoulChef & Trace Blam - Where I'm From. Mp3

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