Various Artists - " Bluebottle Records Presents A New Dawn " ( 2011 )

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I was talking to Navid B last night, and he sent me this.. It's a collaborative production project between SoulChef, and himself.. Showcasing the artist line up, and what to expect in the future from Blue Bottle Records :) And no doubt, am i excited ! They've got artists like Jas Mace & Marchitect (The 49ers), Ine, Nieve, Noah King, Hy-Definiton, and many more.. The 'EP' is a solid mix of RnB, Soul & Hip Hop.. And when i say RnB, i don't mean "Girl I Wanna Get In Your Panties" RnB, i mean, RnB the way it should be. All of the tracks on this EP were produced by Navid B (Australia) & SoulChef (New Zealand). I'd definitely recommend this for people that are a fan of Goon Trax records.. Listen to the EP down bellow! And if you like it, Make sure you tell Navid B & SoulChef ! Sooooo many artists can feel under appreciated in this bubble we call the "Underground". 

Tracklisting ;

01. Ine & Jas Mace - H20 V.2
02. Nassim & Jas Mace - Sunshine
03. Gusto - City Of Angels
04. Ine & Don Cerino - The Psycle
05. Navid B - East To West
06. Ine - Pictures On The Wall
07. Marie, Nieve & Noah King - Hope
08. SoulChef - FOr You
09. Nassim & Marchitect - Superhero
10. Ine - Summers Day
11. Hy-Definition - Breathless

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